Motion Sensors for Your Home

Sunday, June 25th, 2017

Sensor lights in homes and businesses detect motion from movement, temperature, and light. Motion sensors have been used for decades in security lights and commercial buildings, but they are now being used in homes to foster energy efficiency and safer environments.

My Chino Hills Electrician Hero assists homeowners every day with motion sensor installation. Are you curious about the benefits of motion sensing technology? Keep reading to learn more.

Outdoor Motion Sensors

The most common type of outdoor motion sensor is the security light. You’ll often find these sensors on lights near the front door, back door, and other exterior entrances of the home. Home with security lights gain the following advantages:

Convenience: Finding a keyhole in the dark is not fun, but if someone forgets to leave the porch light on for you this is what you’ll be doing. Motion-activated lighting can prevent this problem.

Security: Motion sensor lighting can scare away would-be robbers. Homes with these devices experience fewer incidents of theft from dusk to dawn.

Savings: Motion sensors not only save you the cost of replacing stolen items due to theft. They also offer other unexpected savings. Insurance companies often give discounts to homeowners with these types of security features. Also, you’ll be paying less for electricity if you’re not leaving lights on all the time.

Room Occupancy Sensors

Interior motion sensors are usually mounted on ceilings, in room corners, or even on the wall like a light switch. These sensors are made for different areas of the home. For example, if you want to install a sensor in a hallways or stairwell, make sure you install one that isn’t light-sensitive. Read below to learn more about how occupancy sensors can benefit your home:

Energy Efficiency: Room occupancy sensors reduce energy consumption from lighting as much as 90%. The actual amount depends on the areas where the sensors are located and how much the lights are used. The rooms with the highest energy savings are bathrooms in residential settings and break rooms in commercial buildings.

Convenience: You don’t have to mess around looking for a light when your hands are full of groceries or other objects.

Thanks to the invention of the motion sensor, you will no longer have to fumble for switches in the dark or use your elbow to turn on light switches when your arms are full.

Safety: When installed in stairways, the threat of accidental falls is decreased substantially.

Are you ready to improve safety and increase efficiency in your home or office? Call the local electricians near you in Chino Hills to schedule a free assessment today. My Chino Hills Electrician Hero is always ready to help you find cost-effective solutions for motion sensor installation and other residential and commercial lighting needs.

Holiday Lighting

Saturday, June 24th, 2017

The holiday season is a time for twinkling lights and magic. What better way to celebrate than with a beautiful holiday light display at your home. My Chino Hills Electrician Hero can help you create a magical scene just outside your window that your family will enjoy and the will delight the neighbors. Our merry electricians just love bringing homes in Chino Hills to life each year.

My Chino Hills Electrician Hero – We’ll Install and Maintain Your Holiday Lights

During the holidays, time can get away from you very quickly. With so much to do to prepare for the holiday season, an outdoor light display may be the last thing on your mind. Why not let us take care of this task on your to-do list. Hanging holiday lights is one of our specialties.

Give us a call today for a FREE estimate on what it will cost to transform your home into a winter wonderland.

We’ll Help You Choose the Best Holiday Lights for Your Home

Were you thinking of setting up one of those trendy star shooters and calling it a day? We can do better than that. Our team of holiday lighting experts will go over all your options to pick the best lighting for your home and your budget. Here’s a quick snapshot of holiday lighting options that may work for you.

  • Snowflake Lights: These lights are unique and will give your home that Jack Frost feel in colors of blue and white.
  • Icicle Lights: Available in blue, white, and multicolored options, icicle lights add dramatic flair and dimension.
  • Bubble Lights:  Popular in the 1950s, these throwbacks are making a huge comeback. For homeowners who crave nostalgia, bubble lights fit the bill.
  • Fiber Optic Lights: While there are some lighting stands available in this style, fiber optic lighting is more commonly used with decorative fixtures. One of the best features of these lights is that they change colors and offer flexibility.
  • LED Lights: These lights come in vibrant colors and are energy efficient, which means your electricity bill won’t be sky-high for the month of December. Homeowners have solid and multi-color options.
  • Incandescent Lights: Highly popular and inexpensive. If you’re on a budget, incandescent holiday lights are the way to go.

What is the best holiday lighting option for you? It depends on your style and budget. Call My Chino Hills Electrician Hero today to install the best lighting combination for you!

Could Your Home Benefit from a Solar Energy System?

Thursday, June 22nd, 2017

Homeowners who are searching for additional ways to reduce their carbon footprints, lower energy bills, and add value to their property, should consider adding a solar energy system. Solar units, also called solar photovoltaic systems, have a reputation for being expensive, but due to government incentive programs, many homeowners are finding that this is becoming an affordable option. Before you make any investment into a new solar energy system, we want to provide you with the best information. Keep reading to learn more about solar energy and then give us a call to schedule a consultation with one of our solar energy specialists at My Chino Hills Electrician Hero.

Types of Solar Energy Systems

Monocrystalline Silicon (Mono-silicon)

  • Most common solar unit
  • Generates the greatest amount of energy per inch
  • Efficient design
  • Requires only a few panels
  • Drawback: Bulky and can affect over-all capacity

Polycrystalline Silicon

  • Cheaper to manufacture
  • Cheaper investment for homeowners
  • Drawback: The small size of this system makes it less efficient than mono-silicon

Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV)

  • Aesthetically pleasing, creates a seamless look between solar unit and regular building materials
  • Solar panels are designed to look like roof shingles
  • Great replacement option for other building materials
  • Can off-set costs when used in new construction
  • Drawback: Can be slightly more expensive.

3 Benefits of Solar Energy Systems

Energy Independence

Solar energy is renewable and available to anyone at any time. The same can’t be said for fossil fuels that fluctuate is price and could be limited in the future.

Reduce Greenhouse Gases

When we use the sun to create energy, we are creating a healthier earth because we’re not damaging the ozone layer. Using fuel sources for energy such as wood, oil, or coal has the opposite effect because we are releasing poisonous gases into the air like methane and carbon dioxide.

Increasingly Cost Effective

40+ years ago, solar power system costs in residential homes didn’t make much sense. The cost associated with the installation of the unit were too great and homeowners couldn’t recoup their investment. Today, that isn’t the case. Solar panel installation is cheaper than ever. In fact, it costs 100 times less today than 40 years ago. In addition, tax credit by state and federal governments can make purchasing a solar energy system very cheap.

If you’re considering using solar energy, give us a call. We’ll answer all your questions and help you come up with a solar power system design that works best for your home. We’ll explain how even on cloudy days your solar panels will work without fail. Call My Chino Hills Electrician Hero at (909) 303-9330 to learn more about solar energy system and all your installation options.

Electrical Panel Upgrade and Replacement

Thursday, June 22nd, 2017

We rely on electricity more today than ever. From powering essential appliances like water heaters, air conditioners, and refrigerators to keeping our electronics and other devices working, the amount of electricity the average home needs is substantial. Older homes don’t have enough power to keep up with our electrical demands. A lack of power can lead to power surges, blown fuses, and electrical fires. To prevent this from happening you may need electrical updates like electrical panel replacement or an electrical panel upgrade.  At My Chino Hills Electrician Hero, our local electricians have the knowledge and tools to help you upgrade effortlessly and for less than you may think.

How Residential Electrical Panels Function

In the electrical industry, we like to refer to the electrical panel as the heart of the system. It is responsible for preventing too much electricity from running on a circuit. It achieves this task by tripping the breaker switches to cease electrical operations when a circuit is in danger of overloading. Circuits that are overloaded can cause an electrical fire. Homes without a properly working electrical panel are at risk of fire and injury.

Where Can I Find My Electrical Panel?

Residential electrical panels are located gray “breaker” boxes in basements, utility rooms, or in the garage. Inside this box is the electrical panel. It is easily identified by its rows of switches.

What’s Up with all the Breaker Box Switches?

The switches control the various outlets and switches in a home. Depending on the amount of power an appliance requires, the switch may provide electricity for several outlets/switches in the same area or just one or two. Also, some appliances may require more than one switch on the electrical panel. An example of this would be your home’s HVAC system. This is a large appliance that needs a lot of power and one circuit is not enough.

For ease of access, every breaker switch should be labeled so that you know what outlets and appliances are connected to each. You’ll also find a label map that should match up to the location of the switches in the box. Lastly, every switch should have a number etched on it. This number is the number of amps that circuit can handle before it will trip.

Can I Turn Power Off to My Whole House?

Yes! Inside the breaker box there should be a switch that controls all the circuits. This switch is generally larger and should be labeled. Turn that switch off to cut power to the entire home.


Signs of Electrical Panel Issues

Before electrical panel problems worsen, you’re usually given a few warnings that something isn’t right. The warnings come in the form of flickering lights, outlets that continuously trip a breaker switch, or power surges. Homes with older electrical panels may just stop working all together and fail to trip a breaker switch. In these cases, your home is at the greatest risk of melted wires and fire. Any of these problems need to be addressed right away by a local electrician near you. Waiting any length of time increases the risk of electrical fires.

Here are some other signs that you may need to a new electrical panel installed:

  • Rust or corrosion is present on breaker switches
  • Breaker box feels warm
  • Recurrent power surges
  • You use a lot of extension cords because the home doesn’t have enough outlets
  • Your outlets are two-pronged
  • Appliances are not running at full power
  • You live in an older home with split-buss or a fuse box panel
  • Breaker box is visibly defective

We also recommend that any home operating with a Federal Pacific Electric, Pushmatic, or a Zinsco electrical panel have these panels replaced as soon as possible. These panels were common in homes prior to the 1990s and are not safe to operate according to NEC standards.

Electrical Panel Inspections

At My Chino Hills Electrician Hero, we recommend that all homes over 25 years old be completely inspected by a licensed electrician in Chino Hills. Even newer homes can benefit from regular inspections to ensure that everything is working well and meets current NEC code requirements.

Upgrade Electrical Panel to 200 Amps for Best Performance

Many older homes operate on 100-amp electrical service or less. To meet today’s power needs, we recommend that these homes upgrade to 200 amps.

Some homes still use fuse boxes, which are an antiquated and unsafe way to operate your home’s electricity. These boxes carry a huge fire risk and often parts aren’t even available for repairs.

Whether you have a fuse box and need rewiring services, or you simple an electrical panel upgrade, one of our licensed electricians is available to help you today!

Can a Homeowner Replace Electrical Panels?

We never recommend that homeowners mess with the electricity in their homes. The risk of electrical shock and electrocution is too high. Always hire a licensed electrician to perform these electrical repair and replacement services.

Get a Whole House Electrical Inspection Before You Renovate

Whether you’re adding another bathroom, finishing a basement or attic space, or even adding a new appliance to your kitchen, give us a call. You may need additional power to safeguard your home against overloaded circuits. Popular items like hot tubs and power generators may require sub-panel installation or special 240-volt circuits to operate safely.

Call My Chino Hills Electrician Hero and let us perform a power assessment for you today!

All our home electrical inspection services include the following:

  • Detailed power assessment
  • Electrical panel inspection
  • Professional recommendations for electrical installation, repair and maintenance services

My Chino Hills Electrician Hero is a fully licensed, bonded, and insured electrical repair company that services homes and businesses in Chino Hills. We offer 24-hour emergency electrical service at affordable prices. Our #1 priority is always the safety of our customers. When we’re on the job, you can be certain that you’re getting repairs that are made to last so that you and your home are protected. For unbeatable pricing and 100% customer satisfaction, call us today!

Electrical Repair Services Can Improve Your Home’s Safety

Friday, July 29th, 2016

Electricity makes life easier, but if you disregard electrical problems you could end up putting your home and your family in grave danger. One of the best ways to safeguard your family is to upgrade your electrical system if you live in a home built mid-20th century. This kind of electrical repair in Chino Hills, CA, can include minor repairs like installing GFI switches or more extensive upgrades such as rewiring an entire house.

How to Tell If Your Home Needs Electrical Updates

There various signs that your house may electrical updates. Common indicators include things such as:

  • Frequent blown fuses or circuits
  • Flickering lights
  • Breakers that trip regularly
  • Appliances that are not getting consistent power
  • Stripped wires or exposed wiring

If you see any of these problems in your house, it’s highly likely that your system is out-of-date and needs repairs right away. Delaying electrical repairs is not only dangerous for your family, but it means your electrical system is drawing more energy than necessary. Also, be alert to electrical panels that have damaged wiring. This kind of damage can cause deadly consequences.

Electrical Panel Problems

Everyone wants to get the most out of their home’s electricity? To achieve this, you may require electrical panel upgrades. Older homes are often ill-equipped to deal with today’s technological demands and energy needs. Believe it or not, newer homes can struggle with this need too.  Some modern-day homes may have trouble handling the level of electricity generated on a daily basis.

For instance, if you’re installing a new home theater system, it’s likely that the average electrical panel will not have enough wattage to support this addition to your home. Overloaded circuits present real hazards to homes and can cause electrical fires. Irrespective of your home’s age, if you’re renovating and require additional outlets, switches, etc., call a Whittier electrician for a whole house assessment.

Say No to DIY Electrical Repairs

The worth of a licensed electrician should never be ignored. Qualified electricians at My Chino Hills Electrician Hero understand the details of residential electrical systems and know how to complete safe and useful upgrades. Sure. Not all electrical work is takes a lot of thought or is unsafe, but it’s still a delicate function of the home that needs the proper attention. If you’re not a licensed electrician in Whittier, don’t risk hooking up the wiring wrong or installing a plug incorrectly. One wrong step and you could put your home’s entire electrical system in jeopardy.

Always hire skillful and insured electricians to complete any upgrades or repairs.

Increase Your Home’s Value with Electrical Upgrades and Repairs

Today’s up-to-the-minute technology necessitates that households be plugged in around the clock. Even though most of today’s technology rely on wireless technology, your home still needs a competent electrical system to take care of the basic electrical aspects to allow these technologies to work.  If you have plans to put your home up for sale in the future, keep in mind that a home able to utilize latest technological demands with ease will garner a higher asking price. That’s what we call value!

For professional electrical repair in Chino Hills, contact My Chino Hills Electrician Hero.

Outdoor Electrical Upgrades to Enjoy Year-Round

Saturday, June 18th, 2016

One of the perks of living in Chino Hills is the year-round great weather. Outdoor living adds square footage to your living space, but is your home wired for optimal enjoyment? Here are some outdoor electrical upgrades you may want to consider adding to your home.

Patio Lighting

Remember the days when the only options you had for patio lighting were Tiki torches and solar lights? Well, those are still great options, but today there are more sophisticated options that really make it feel like you’re bringing indoor living outside. Electricians in Chino Hills can help you create a lighting plan that can help you illuminate your patio and create a warm, inviting space.

Pool Lighting

Do you have an in ground or above-ground pool? Pools aren’t meant to be enjoyed only during the day. With the proper lighting, you can enjoy a refreshing dip any time your heart desires. It’s important, though, that the pool lighting you choose is installed properly to avoid a dangerous situation. Remember that water and electricity should never mingle. At My Chino Hills Electrician Hero, we can inspect your pool lighting to make sure the electricity is safely installed and that your circuit breaker panels have enough power to properly light the area.

Outdoor Outlets

It should go without saying that if you’re going to have outdoor lighting that you should have outdoor outlets. However, that isn’t always the case. There are many instances of people deciding to add lamps and other lighting fixtures to their patios or decks by running extension cords from inside outlets. This is dangerous on so many levels, but we understand the dilemma. In fact, many older homes in Chino Hills were never equipped with outdoor outlets because lifestyles were different 50 years ago.

At My Chino Hills Electrician Hero, we know how important it is to install outdoor outlets that are weatherproof and easily accessible. Our certified electricians are the best at helping you find the ideal location for these outlets. Call us today to schedule an appointment and to learn more about our outdoor lighting services.

How You Can Prevent Costly Electrical Repair in Your Home

Friday, April 11th, 2014

When was the last time you thought about the state of your home’s electricity? If you’re like the majority of people, the answer is more than likely not often. In fact, most people plug in and tune out. They don’t really think about whether or not that extra lamp or kitchen appliance is a fire hazard. If you want to avoid costly electrical repair in Chino Hills, CA, you may want to give your home’s electrical system a thought or two.

Reduce Your Chances of an Electrical Fire

Turn on the evening news and it isn’t hard to find a story about a home burning to the crowd because of faulty electricity. It happens all too frequently. But, did you know that homeowners can prevent most electrical fires? Of course there will always be situations that are out of your control, but in many cases there are steps you can take to avoid a devastating situation like a house fire.

Reduce Overloaded Circuits: Do you have a lot of appliances plugged into extension cords? Do you have more household appliances, lighting fixtures, or electronics than you do electrical outlets? Overloading an electrical circuit can create unnecessary stress on your electrical system and can cause a hazardous situation. If this is the situation in your home, consider only plugging in the items when you use them.

Use Surge Protectors: If you are not keen on plugging and unplugging all the time, then make sure you use surge protectors. These devices prevent circuits from becoming overloaded and frying your electrical system. They can also protect your appliances, electronics, and lighting from becoming damaged during a storm or other instance where electricity may suddenly spike and surge.

Older Homes Require Special Attention

Do you live in a home built prior to 1940? Older homes have character and history attached to them, but they can also have major electrical problems. This is because homes built before the 1940s are not equipped to handle the power demands of the modern family. Think about how many items required electrical outlets in the 1930s. There weren’t computers, tablets, cell phones, televisions, Blu-ray players, DVRs, espresso makers, etc.

If you own an older home and have never had a professional electrical inspection, you should seriously consider taking this precaution. This is especially the case if you have a number of devices like those mentioned previously. Replacing old wiring such as knob and tube wiring can be expensive, but it will safeguard your family. It may even earn you additional savings on your insurance premium because you are making your home safer and less prone to electrical fires.

Take precautions to protect your family and your property. Don’t become another statistic or nightly news story. Call My Chino Hills Electrician Hero today to schedule an appointment with one of our expert plumbers.