Motion Sensors for Your Home

Sensor lights in homes and businesses detect motion from movement, temperature, and light. Motion sensors have been used for decades in security lights and commercial buildings, but they are now being used in homes to foster energy efficiency and safer environments.

My Chino Hills Electrician Hero assists homeowners every day with motion sensor installation. Are you curious about the benefits of motion sensing technology? Keep reading to learn more.

Outdoor Motion Sensors

The most common type of outdoor motion sensor is the security light. You’ll often find these sensors on lights near the front door, back door, and other exterior entrances of the home. Home with security lights gain the following advantages:

Convenience: Finding a keyhole in the dark is not fun, but if someone forgets to leave the porch light on for you this is what you’ll be doing. Motion-activated lighting can prevent this problem.

Security: Motion sensor lighting can scare away would-be robbers. Homes with these devices experience fewer incidents of theft from dusk to dawn.

Savings: Motion sensors not only save you the cost of replacing stolen items due to theft. They also offer other unexpected savings. Insurance companies often give discounts to homeowners with these types of security features. Also, you’ll be paying less for electricity if you’re not leaving lights on all the time.

Room Occupancy Sensors

Interior motion sensors are usually mounted on ceilings, in room corners, or even on the wall like a light switch. These sensors are made for different areas of the home. For example, if you want to install a sensor in a hallways or stairwell, make sure you install one that isn’t light-sensitive. Read below to learn more about how occupancy sensors can benefit your home:

Energy Efficiency: Room occupancy sensors reduce energy consumption from lighting as much as 90%. The actual amount depends on the areas where the sensors are located and how much the lights are used. The rooms with the highest energy savings are bathrooms in residential settings and break rooms in commercial buildings.

Convenience: You don’t have to mess around looking for a light when your hands are full of groceries or other objects.

Thanks to the invention of the motion sensor, you will no longer have to fumble for switches in the dark or use your elbow to turn on light switches when your arms are full.

Safety: When installed in stairways, the threat of accidental falls is decreased substantially.

Are you ready to improve safety and increase efficiency in your home or office? Call the local electricians near you in Chino Hills to schedule a free assessment today. My Chino Hills Electrician Hero is always ready to help you find cost-effective solutions for motion sensor installation and other residential and commercial lighting needs.

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